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When students are finished working in their group I sometimes like to have them reflect. I hand them each a sticky note and ask them to rate three parts of their group work today.They need to put the names of their group at the top.  First I ask them to number their sticky note 1-3. They will use the scale 1-10. On number one, I ask them to assign a score for how hard they worked in the group. For number two, I ask them to rate how hard their whole group worked together. The last one, I ask them to rate how much they learned from their group. 

On the back of the sticky I ask them to explain one of their three scores. I have students place the sticky onto the corner of their desks and I collect them as they write their responses. I sue them to gauge who was working and how well it went. I can also determine if certain students are working well with others or if they were a distraction.

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Alexander the Great

Unit 19: Ancient Greece
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use two texts to determine relevant information about Alexander the Great and write what they found most interesting.

Big Idea: Alexander the Great is an interesting character that hooks the students in learning more about him. In this lesson students work on two texts to determine details and facts.

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