Reflection: Student Grouping She's a Character - Section 1: Second Reading


The second reading of this lesson went really well.  I had students work either alone or with one partner this time.  For my students, groups of 3 are feeling too big much of the time.  They seem to be less focused and one person is always off task.  
Because the group size was smaller, the students seemed much more on task.  It was fun to see them discover different ways that Squeaky's character traits affected her.  I loved the way many of my students had conversations about their evidence.  I heard students debating over whether a particular piece of evidence actually helped or hurt her, and they supported their opinions!  Proud teacher moment!!!

  Student Grouping: Reflection
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She's a Character

Unit 7: "Raymond's Run"
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify Squeaky's personality traits by examining textual evidence in the story "Raymond's Run."

Big Idea: Is it good to be the baddest thing around?

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