Reflection: Vertical Alignment Fractions: Using Graph Paper to Prove Equivalency of Hundreths and Tenths - Section 2: Comparing with Graph Paper


I strategically planned this lesson to set up the foundation for understanding decimals coming in the next few lessons. We need to cover comparing 10th and 100ths, but I am going to combine that when I instruct drawing and comparing decimal numbers. This vertical alignment scaffolds to an in depth understanding of the connection between 10ths and 100ths as fractions, and then as decimals. It lays the foundation visually because now they can transfer that into understanding decimals in the same way. For my advanced students, I thought about teaching them about percents at the same time, but then decided that perhaps that was too much to grasp for them right now. However, I would suggest it as a possibility for my advanced students later. It will set them up for 6th grade standards on ratios and percentages.

  Building the foundational skills for decimals
  Vertical Alignment: Building the foundational skills for decimals
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Fractions: Using Graph Paper to Prove Equivalency of Hundreths and Tenths

Unit 6: Fractions 1: Understanding Equivalence in Fractions and Decimals
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Objective: SWBAT prove that hundredths and tenths are equivalent using a fractional model.

Big Idea: Graph paper is the tool of choice as we prove that fractions of 10th and 100ths are equivalent.

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