Reflection: Student Ownership Test on Part 2 of The Kite Runner (p.225-370) - Section 2: Students take the test!


Interestingly, the students did not have enough time to finish all of the constructed responses (W.9-10.10), so I did allow them time the next day to do so.  I allowed this because this particular test is a first run for me, so I was not sure about it, and I also wanted the students to turn in only their best quality work.  As a result, I did grade their tests right after class, but I left one short answer blank so that I would grade it after a bit more time in class.  I think flexibility is the important factor here, and hopefully it will pay off long term. 

  Student Ownership: Time!
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Test on Part 2 of The Kite Runner (p.225-370)

Unit 8: Extending Literary Reading in the Middle Chapters of The Kite Runner
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT show their understanding of character, theme, and plot development and extend their reading by taking a combined format (selected and constructed response) exam.

Big Idea: My students will "show up and show off" on the test, revealing their good work! Hopefully!

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