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I'm sure there are many teachers out there who cannot believe I am about to spend multiple days on this movie.  Trust me, I've been there, but this is a win, win situation for my students that could not have presented itself any better.

First, my students are already familiar with the time period and understand the complexities of this historical setting. Secondly, the dramatic adaptation published by Scholastic Scope is based on the movie not the book.  I am positive of this as I messaged with Scope's editor about it.  This allows my students to read something in one sitting instead of reading an entire book that we do not have time to cover as a class.  They can have the shared experience of the reading and the film.  Then, they can analyze together!

*An alternative with the same time considerations - Read Chris Van Allsburg's Jumangi and watch the Robin Williams movie.  It's old enough that most students would not have seen it and presents many interesting discussion points in a compare and contrast conversation.  This was something I had intended to use until this piece presented itself and fit so beautifully in our year.

  Taking the Time to Watch a Movie?
  Lesson Planning: Taking the Time to Watch a Movie?
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Movie vs Dramatic Adaptation -Part 1

Unit 11: Drama Unit
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Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the film version of The Book Thief and Scholastic Scope's dramatic adaptation of the same film.

Big Idea: Adaptation = Change. Can you identify key differences?

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