Reflection: Online Resources Preparing for a Discussion: Graffitti Gallery Walk - Section 1: Bellwork


For an easy way to track students' progress and which questions are answered correctly and incorrectly, I like to use the Mastery Connect app through Edmodo.  It is something you have to pay for, but I think it's worth it.

I can use it for various types of assessments, but I typically use it for rubrics and multiple choice questions.

You can break assignment components down into standards to track students' progress. Once you've graded things, you can see if they are at mastery level, near mastery level, or need remediation.




You can use the webcam on your camera or iPad to scan scores and save time. I'm sure you can also use Android devices to do this as well. You also have a permanent record of a student's progress just in case the lose a paper.  Not that your students ever lose papers.  I know mine never do.




You can quickly analyze how students did on each question.  You can analyze a single class, or look at all your students from all your classes.  Here's the data from questions 7 through 12 for all of my classes. 




It is pricy, but I think it's worth it.  I can be purchased through the app store on Edmodo.

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Preparing for a Discussion: Graffitti Gallery Walk

Unit 12: Novel Study: The Hunger Games
Lesson 6 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to analyze the interaction between characters, plot, setting, and theme by answering questions and participating in a graffiti gallery walk.

Big Idea: In which we prepare for a discussion by going on a graffiti gallery walk.

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