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The kids did really well on this! A few are still struggling with personification, but I can work on that during small groups and RTI. I will also throw in some morning work to help them practice with this concept. When I spoke with 4th grade, this was the skill they didn't teach much because the focus was on simile and metaphor. The kids are really doing well with metaphor, and it is clear they had a strong foundation there from last year. The kids also liked that this was short and had the two components to it. We had a discussion about poetry vs prose with figurative language and they were able to tell me that language is one thing the two forms of text have in common. Great quiz overall. 

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Figurative Language Formative

Unit 5: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship Part II - "Hate That Cat"
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Objective: SWBAT understand the use of different forms of figurative language.

Big Idea: Figurative language is like seasoning. It can enhance poetry, but isn't necessary. Let's see if you can identify some of them.

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