Reflection: ELL Students Some Scars are Inside and Some Scars are Outside - Section 3: Closing the Loop


My lower students and ELL students struggled a bit with this, not so much on the remembering traditions their families have,  but in how to start their writing. To help them I created a prompt on a white board that read: My nationality is __________. Some things we do to celebrate our heritage are __________________.

The second area they struggled with was which area to respond with if they are of a mixed nationality. For this I had them either chose the one that had more traditions celebrated in their families or write one tradition for each.

The third area of struggle I saw was those who have had families that have been here so long that they "didn't have any special traditions celebrated". To which I questioned - What religion are you? What holidays do you celebrate? Does your family have a reunion each year? What foods do you eat? What music do you listen to? After these students could identify some things they did as a family that were different from others - so could be considered as their own families traditions. Great to see how with this realization they suddenly felt pride in knowing that their family had a special way of celebrating that was all their own. 

  student struggles and solutions
  ELL Students: student struggles and solutions
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Some Scars are Inside and Some Scars are Outside

Unit 8: Emigrants - Immigrants - Refugees...all are welcome here!
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT...question and respond with evidence to gain understanding of the choices and consequences faced by the family in "Where the River Runs"

Big Idea: Questioning text helps us to build understanding through text evidence, peer sharing and reflection. Questioning people helps us to learn more about their struggles, customs and beliefs.

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