Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Non-Poems? What? Hate That Cat, But I Love That Poetry Day 3 - Section 1: Close Read


This part of the unit was definitely hard for me to plan. It seems like I don't have much say in what's going on while the students are reading and discussing, but this took a lot of planning on my part behind the scenes. I was worried about giving up most control to let them learn on their own and not guide them directly through the text, but the students are really loving this. I need to be more comfortable with these experiences. I think this unit has offered them a nice blend of direct instruction and then the release to let them repeat my lessons on their own. When reading "Hate That Cat" the students must pull together every lesson taught during "Love That Dog" so this actually serves as an extension of learning. I'm so excited about all of the skills that students use while doing this, and they really have no idea that they're learning. That's the best part! 

  Happy With My Choice
  Discourse and Questioning: Happy With My Choice
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Non-Poems? What? Hate That Cat, But I Love That Poetry Day 3

Unit 5: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship Part II - "Hate That Cat"
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT read and record thoughts about poetry.

Big Idea: Does poetry truly have a definition? Be ready to share your close read thoughts in Socratic Seminar.

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English / Language Arts, Poetry, figurative language (Poetry), theme (Reading Comp), Love That Dog, Sharon Creech, viewpoints, small group, Love That Dog
  60 minutes
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