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While discussing this quote with my students, I learned something that I think I realized, but maybe hadn't thought clearly about in reference to this lesson.

For our 21st century students, there are many types of "refuge".  My students discussed how today's "get away" generally involves some other form of technology.  While I had readers, hunters, sports enthusiast, etc, gaming was a popular choice, so we discussed how popular culture changes.  I explained that when you are reading a book you have to immerse yourself in the setting to understand the "refuge" for the characters -whether it is futuristic or historical.  This provided a great lead in to the rest of the lesson.

Students are so often the best "reflection" board.

  The Times They are Changing...
  Student Feedback: The Times They are Changing...
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Dramatic Reading & Theme Study

Unit 11: Drama Unit
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT read the dramatic adaptation of The Book Thief and identify the theme.

Big Idea: Dramatic text is thematic too?

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