Reflection: Accountability Cat Haters Gonna Hate; Hate That Cat, But I Love That Poetry Day 2 - Section 2: Socratic Seminar


The students are really getting thoughtful about the seminar process. I enjoy watching them monitor each other and it's easy to see that they are accountable for their participation in the circle. My kiddos look forward to coming to seminar and they are so fired up when in the outer circle because they just want to speak so badly. We have added the "hot seat" so one student from the outer circle can join the inner circle discussion if they have something burning to add. This has also helped keep the kids accountable for completing the close read. They know that they can't participate in seminar if they're not prepared, so they stay on task while reading. It's also helped some of my students that give the bare minimum because they don't like feeling "lost" when in seminar. A few students were invited in to the conversation and didn't know what to add, so the next close read those students really stepped up their game. This opportunity is so "real-world" and holds so many benefits that I don't even need to explicitly teach. 

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Cat Haters Gonna Hate; Hate That Cat, But I Love That Poetry Day 2

Unit 5: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship Part II - "Hate That Cat"
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT read and annotate a poetic novel to prepare for Socratic Seminar.

Big Idea: Who could hate lovable, cute, furry cats? Let's get to the bottom of this travesty!

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English / Language Arts, Poetry, figurative language (Poetry), Love That Dog, Sharon Creech, viewpoints, Socratic Seminar, close read, Hate That Cat, Love That Dog
  65 minutes
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