Reflection: Student Ownership A Student Driven Review - Section 2: Collaborative Decisions and Discovery


What's going on? Students running their own review? Have I gone mad? Rationale behind the madness! Letting go of control.

Actually, I think it's the best way to get kids to take the level of ownership. They need to be successful in showing their mastery of the standard.  It worked like magic as I stepped from my instructor  to my "guide by the side" mode of teaching

It is  also a quick way to find out if there are any loose ends or misconceptions and fix them.

  I held students accountable for their learning by letting them be leaders in a review or study session.It makes them feel important and keeps them involved in their understanding of the mastery of the standard. I think it is so much better than just dictating a review and answering questions off of some study sheet. They feel a part and in control.

I noticed that when I allowed them to tell me and each other what things are the most important to remember, they showed they knew more than I thought they did. I am hoping it helps them master their quiz.

*I keep their learning goals and the standard for that goal posted and refer to it continually, but really reinforced it during this review. I think that if they see the goals every day, they know there is a purpose to their learning.

*Guiding a collaborative review meant that I  allowed the discussion to unfold and I only guided them in the direction they needed to go while making them think they are leading the whole thing. It took some creative dialogue and questioning, a lot of patience and listening, and supportive coaching to make it go smoothly. But, it is so worth it!

  Student Ownership: What's going on...
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A Student Driven Review

Unit 11: Place Value
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to create a study guide for their quiz.

Big Idea: In preparation for their quiz on reading and writing multi digit numbers, students create their own study guide.

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, Language Arts, Student Choice, student accountability, estimation, expanded form, word form, standard form
  70 minutes
practice quiz for reading and writing numbers to one
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