Reflection: Students with Disabilities Smashing Street Music - Section 2: Shout Out for the Poem


In my class, I have two students with visual impairments. Their low vision makes teaching a little trickier. There are some effective strategies that I have learned to help them with their learning.

When I use the white board, I have learned to only use dark colors. Black is preferred and even brown. Colors like blue, green, and red are hard to see and they have to work twice as hard to see what you have written. 

Using iPads also are helpful. Keeping an iPad out and handy can help when students need to look, use, or copy from the white board. I take a picture of what I have written and then hand it back. The iPad picture can then be manipulated, students can zoom in closer and it is easier then looking up and down. 

  Visually Impaired Students
  Students with Disabilities: Visually Impaired Students
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Smashing Street Music

Unit 16: Poetry
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a similar poem that uses onomatopoeia and connects to a similar poem.

Big Idea: Street Music is a poem that is a part of the book, Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. It is an example of how onomatopoeia can be used to describe a street. Students will write their own poem using their street.

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