Reflection: Coherence Conversions: Finding a Decimeter and Conversion to Centimeters - Section 5: Homework


This assignment was fairly easy for students to complete and their understanding of multiplying by 10 and adding in the tenth as they multiplied worked well, but they didn't comprehend why the .1 became adding 1 whole. So while it was a good trick, they haven't really learned to multiply decimals correctly.The equations that we see in this homework reflects some conceptual understanding.

The lesson is coherent because it builds as we master being able to convert from each larger unit to  smaller unit and we see the relevant unit. Doing it by moving across the units helps them see that the pattern of x10 continues and builds. The stair step model will really help to get them to understand that, but I wanted them to be immersed in each unit prior to seeing that stair step model. Somehow, the equations that they created makes more sense than just telling them to move a decimal place over one place, even though 4.1 x 10 is missing a step in multiplication when it's written, 4x10 + 1. I decided to leave it alone for now.

  Creating equations, Converting and Writing Well
  Coherence: Creating equations, Converting and Writing Well
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Conversions: Finding a Decimeter and Conversion to Centimeters

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 6 of 18

Objective: SWBAT discern what objects in a classroom would be measured by decimeters and then convert those measurements to centimeters.

Big Idea: Students choose objects in the classroom to measure using decimeters. Then, they use equations to convert to centimeters.

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