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In stead of having the groups share with whole class, you could have them lead a student led sharing. You could have students rotate around to each group sharing what they feel the mood and tone is. Each time they rotate they gain each other's perspective. It would be when this sharing time was over that you could then decide as a class what is the tone and mood. They would make a more informed decision and learn from their peers a deeper understanding of mood.

  Second Type of Sharing
  Student Led Inquiry: Second Type of Sharing
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Mood Rings

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 14 of 19

Objective: SWBAT analyze the mood of the book and give evidence to support that.

Big Idea: One of the best lessons to teach from the book is on how an author creates mood and tone. This lesson explores this and how we infer to determine it.

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