Reflection: Performance Tasks The Hitchhiker - Section 2: Assigning Parts/Reading the Play


In elementary school, students are encouraged to engage with the text by predicting or imagining endings or side notes for stories that they read.  By engaging the imagination, teachers can stoke student's enthusiasm for, and engagement with, the printed word.

When students get older, it take a lot of re-training to get the students to STOP with the "what ifs" and seek answers in the text.  For example, today's discussion centered around whether or not the main character was alive or dead.  There are many clues that indicate that he is dead, but the playwright has him have a lot of "experiences" during the time that we understand he was dead.  For that reason, we discuss the story and I ask students to support their answers.

In every class, I had students create hypothetical situations to justify their answers.  For example, one student said something like "He's alive, because what if he made a deal with the "mysterious figure" before the story happened."  When this happens, I want to hit a gong (Gong Show reference for the over-40 set.) Gong!  No.  

If it's not in the story, it can't be evidence.


No way.

Just the text, ma'am.

  Just the Text, Ma'am
  Performance Tasks: Just the Text, Ma'am
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The Hitchhiker

Unit 6: Unlocking Mood and Other Elements of Horror
Lesson 3 of 18

Objective: SWBAT perform and "unpack" a radio play; SWBAT evaluate a narrator's reliability through examination of the text.

Big Idea: Our first foray into the realm of the unreliable narrator...

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