Reflection: Lesson Planning What Should Our Response Have Been: WWII Seminar - Section 3: Fishbowl Seminar (3 rounds)


As the students were talking today, they kept bringing up ideas/concepts that I have taught in past years when teaching Night. I kept taking notes on my scoring sheet about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The students were talking about Elie's struggles and how his physical needs weren't being met, which led to his emotional and mental break downs in the book. I feel like I should have taught this concept to give them a better frame for what they were trying to communicate. I hate it when I cut something because of time and then regret it later. 

Sigh. Maybe next year. 


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What Should Our Response Have Been: WWII Seminar

Unit 16: Informational Texts: Analyzing the Narrative Non-fiction Style of Night
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to come to a discussion prepared to draw on text to support analysis of ideas by participating in a seminar on WWII.

Big Idea: As a culmination of study of WWII and the Holocaust, students will engage in a seminar style discussion about the purpose for learning about this time period/event.

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