Reflection: Flexibility Breaking News! Sixth Graders Empathize With Parents (Point of View) - Section 3: Work Time


So, as the day went on, I varied how I wanted kids to present their findings. For the first class, I had them nominate a speaker and share their findings. Here is another example of that.

By the last class of the day, I had them "stumble" upon the scene (actually my projector with the picture), and had them take the role of their character.

I liked how they came upon the scene as the character. It really transferred that knowledge. They had to act like they were witnessing the fire hydrant scene first hand and pretend that they were the mayor, parent, kid, or grumpy neighbor.

Being flexible as an instructor is crucial for student learning. Had I stuck to my original plan, students might not have been as engaged as they were by the end of the day!

  Flexibility: Variations
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Breaking News! Sixth Graders Empathize With Parents (Point of View)

Unit 1: Narrative Writing
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT: Understand how Point of View changes a story.

Big Idea: By looking at a visual, students take on the roles of kids, parents, community officials, and even a grouchy old neighbor!

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English / Language Arts, visual aids, Writing, Creative and Narrative Writing, point of view, personal narratives, discourse
  45 minutes
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