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I had a few students ask some inferential questions which I didn't see in this problem. One student asked if Jennifer and Kristen were sisters, as it doesn't explicitly say so. A sister might have added another number as aspect to the problem. Another student also asked if each sister drank 2 bottles or 1 bottle of water from Kristen's cases of water. It's exciting for me when my students ask me questions that I hadn't thought about, therefore resulting in teachable moments. Authentic conversations between partners in a think pair share are important to pay attention to as a Teacher, because what one students thinks others may as well. I'm sure to point out and correct any misconceptions immediately, and "brag on" students who use their inferences to problem solve.

  High Quality Task: Inferencing
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Interpreting Numerical Expressions

Unit 2: Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT interpret & compare numerical expressions without evaluating them.

Big Idea: Determine the inventory of water bottles for the tennis match!

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Math, order of operations, evaluate expressions
  60 minutes
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