Reflection: Continuous Assessment Internet Research Reveals Different Opinions of the War - Section 3: Closing the Loop


In this video I address some of the difficulties that my students faced with the researching component and the ways I was able to help them. One suggestion for locating information on the Native Americans who were chosen is for them to research the tribe and war vs. the person / or you could change these to other Native Americans from this era who contributed to the war efforts. I tried to get representation from both sides of the issue and from a variety of ethnicities and genders.  

  difficulties faced by students
  Continuous Assessment: difficulties faced by students
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Internet Research Reveals Different Opinions of the War

Unit 4: Our American's Revolution - A Time For Change
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT research and gather facts to determine different opinions of the war by completing a note taking sheet on an important Revolutionary War figure's perspective of the war.

Big Idea: The internet gives us facts and opinions about any subject. We can use this information to understand how a person's perspective affects how he or she sees events in history.

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