Reflection: Pacing Katie's Trunk: A Loyalist Perspective - Section 3: Guided Practice


This section actually took a little less time than expected.  The text is written almost like a poem, so there weren't many words on each page that scholars had to read.  The skill was tough, but the text was less dense to move through, therefore, scholars were able to move a little more quickly than I initially expected.  Scholars worked for about 10-15 minutes and then were ready to move to independent practice.  This was great because it enabled me to meet with all of my text talk groups and my small groups.  

  Took a little less time
  Pacing: Took a Little Less Time
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Katie's Trunk: A Loyalist Perspective

Unit 12: Voices of the Revolution - Part II
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze how the narrator's perspective influences the way in which an event is described.

Big Idea: How would a Loyalist describe the beginning of the American Revolution?

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