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The students really enjoyed this lesson because they had the opportunity to play with shapes.  I was pleased with how the lesson went during class.  A few students did not grasp the concept that the shapes had to match up perfectly when folded.  They could identify some of the lines of symmetry, but a few of them counted lines that did not make the shape symmetrical.  I was surprised on the results of the exit test.  Only 6 students got the answer correct.  This lets me know that the students can not visually tell how to draw lines of symmetry.  I am confident that almost 100 percent of the students would have gotten it correct if they could have cut the shape out and folded the shape.  However, it not possible to always have cut out shapes available for testing.  We will continue to practice the skill.

  Exit Tickets: Surprises
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Line of Symmetry

Unit 4: Geometry
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and draw the lines of symmetry by folding two-dimensional shapes.

Big Idea: Folding a two-dimensional shape can help a student identify the lines of symmetry.

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