Reflection: Real World Applications Statistically Speaking.... - Section 2: The Makings of a Good Statistical Question


I wanted to make sure students were making the appropriate connections with identifying and creating a good statistical question, so I went on a search to see if there were any video clips I could use to show them how random samples and bias were used in the real world.  My school has an account set up with discovery education and on there, they have a video called "Statistics and Data Analysis".  In this video, there are two clips that I used: Choosing samples and Faulty Arguements.  Both of these clips tied very nicely into the lesson and I was able to use a blackline master to help further their learning. (You can set up an account for free on the Discovery Education website). 


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  Real World Applications: Video clips and real life connections
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Statistically Speaking....

Unit 9: Statistics
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Objective: The students will be able to recognize a statistical question as one that anticpates variablility in the data related to the question and accounts for it in the answers.

Big Idea: Determining a good statistical question is the foundation of statistics.

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