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Placing the numbers was very easy for the student who came up and ordered the numbers.  I found the problem to be more with the follow up questions.  The students had difficulty with answering questions about which number was more and which was less even with the number line right there in front of them as a resource.  That showed me that I need to go back and review how we can use a number line to help us decide if a number is more or less than another number if we are unsure.

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Math Centers - Graphing and Review

Unit 6: Graphing and Measurement
Lesson 1 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to independently practice graphing, teen numbers, and shapes.

Big Idea: In order to pull small groups during math instruction, the rest of the students need engaging activities that they can complete independently. These centers allow students to practice a variety of math skills including graphing.

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Math, Integers, math centers, shapes, Graphing, sorting, length, weight, Literacy in Math
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