Reflection: Flexibility Drama Introduction Lesson 2 -Labeling the Script - Section 4: Wrap Up


In my district we have a lot of students transferring in throughout the year.  I realize this isn't an issue everywhere, but ever teacher gets a new student every ones in a while.  Sometimes it's easy to bring that new student in and just keep rolling without a lot of thought about where they are in the scheme of things.

Thankfully, some new students will ask questions and let you know when you are losing them.  This year only one of ten new students I had gotten since Christmas Break asked such a question and forced me to slow down.  This happened after one of my students mentioned the Holocaust today while we were at the book fair looking at a book on the topic.  The new student was also looking at the book and asked me privately, "What is that?" She meant the Holocaust.

I had a different wrap up planned for when we returned to class, but immediately decided to have students read and discuss the paired text reference here. I felt suddenly like a runner racing and so focused on the finish line that I neglected to see a teammate struggling just to walk.

I also checked in with all of my new students to assess their comfort level.  The girl who asked the question checked out an Anne Frank graphic novel. Score!!!

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Drama Introduction Lesson 2 -Labeling the Script

Unit 11: Drama Unit
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify the parts and "see" the structure of a drama.

Big Idea: Mapping out our mental stage.

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