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Generally speaking, I am pretty biased against worksheets.  The main reason is that I think the students like them "too much" because they provide a false sense of closure and a fill-in-the-blanks mentality.  (I loved worksheets when I was a kid because you could FINISH them and announce "Done!"  What a great, but false, sense of accomplishment.)  Also, we are constantly conserving paper at my school and trying to be "green."

However, there are times when a photocopied chart or activity is appropriate, especially for kids who are in elementary or middle school.  I think this graphic organizer is a good example of this.  I could have had the students write everything in their notebooks or on post its (or if there were more technology, perhaps make notations in an electronic notebook of some kind..)  But the graphic organizer helps students (especially those who struggle) know that they have everything they need to move on.  The boxes and column titles tell you how to organize the information.  And when you are "finished," you know you are ready to move on. 

  To worksheet or not to worksheet...that is the question
  High Quality Task: To worksheet or not to worksheet...that is the question
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Dear Mabby

Unit 8: Twelfth Night, or What you Will
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe key conflicts in the story by constructing advice letters from the characters to "Dear Mabby."

Big Idea: Dear Mabby, I am in love with a woman dressed as a man. She's in love with a man who doesn't know she's a woman. Help!

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