Reflection: Accountability Writing A Script: Collaboration - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


Raise your hand if you have been stuck in a group project and hated every minute of it? 


There are a few group personality types that I have noticed over the years. First, there is the natural leader who wants everything done her way (why are you all looking at me?).  Then, there is the one who has great ideas, but the leader (aka bossy-pants) won't let him share.  Finally, there are the passive ones who either don't care about the task or are thrilled to let everyone else carry the load.

It is totally, completely, and absolutely unfair to give a group grade. 

But, Julia, you just put students in pairs and told them to create one script.  What gives?

This assignment is different, fair reader, and I will explain how.  Yes, my students are creating one script together, but this is not the summative assessment for the genre swap unit.  Students will actually be using these scripts as the textual evidence for an argumentative essay they will write to try to convince the Hollywood producer to use their script!

I just can't lie; I'm quite proud of this loophole I've found in the group-work/group-grade pickle!

  Working with a partner
  Accountability: Working with a partner
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Writing A Script: Collaboration

Unit 16: Genre Swap
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT come to a discussion prepared and engage effectively with a partner by collaborating on a script-writing project.

Big Idea: Debate and compromise, the building blocks of collaboration.

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