Reflection: Modeling Welcome to Maycomb - Section 2: Whole Group Reading


When I first began teaching all those years ago, I had a colleague admit to me once that teaching is 90% performance, 10% knowledge.  And he was an extremely knowledgable teacher.

Whether or not his percentages were accurate, I have grown to recognize the value of his wisdom.  I am by no means a natural performer, but I have allowed myself to become one for the sake of my students.  Shame?  What's that?

This is most evident in the trick I have learned in getting students hooked on a book.  If I set the tone with reading aloud myself, and continuing to participate in the whole-group reading sessions throughout a unit, I can usually keep the majority of my students interested in a text.  This may seem obvious to teachers of younger children, but I have seen it work with students as old as the twelfth grade, and absolutely see it work with my current crop of eighth graders.  

  Ninety Percent Performance?
  Modeling: Ninety Percent Performance?
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Welcome to Maycomb

Unit 11: To Kill a Mockingbird Part I
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT read chapter one of To Kill a Mockingbird as a whole group and practice developing focus questions for discussion.

Big Idea: Students enter Maycomb County with inquisitive minds.

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English / Language Arts, Vocabulary, Literature, American Literature, questioning, to kill a mockingbird
  70 minutes
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