Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge The Tooth Fairy - Section 2: Reading the story


My students have great success with learning ELA skills through songs, movements and videos.  I found this video about the 5 W's and we can now sing it without the video.  It is a quick reminder of the 5 important parts to a story.  My students can do a great oral story summary by using the 5 W's.  Learning the 5 W's is a CCSS that is beneficial to any story summary.  I am all for using technology as a teaching strategy in my classroom.

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The Tooth Fairy

Unit 5: More writing
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Objective: SWBAT engage is discussion about the 5 W's of the story and write an explanatory sentence about their experience.

Big Idea: We will talk about the Tooth Fairy and write about our experience losing a tooth.

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