Reflection: Rigor Mother Figures: Fern and Charlotte - Section 5: Independent Writing


The writing task was for students to choose one way in which Fern and Charlotte are alike and then support the claim with evidence from the story. How did the students do?

One student wrote a list of ways Fern and Charlotte are alike. His topic sentence did state that they were alike in many ways. Yet, I was looking for him to elaborate and give specific examples.

The rest of the students wrote in a similar way. 





The reason why I wanted to compare Fern and Charlotte is to show the students how Fern and Charlotte play mother figures to Wilbur and show how Charlotte takes over Fern's role.

I felt the discussion we had about these two characters was very important in understanding the development of the characters and the trajectory of the storyline.

My students did not make an explicit connection with how these two characters are mother figures--yet, they did understand how both take care of him, encourage him, love him and go out their way to save him.

My next steps: I will revisit this topic and revisit how to support one idea with evidence.

  Rigor: Independent Writing How Fern & Charlotte Are Alike
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Mother Figures: Fern and Charlotte

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the development of characters using key details from the text.

Big Idea: Love saves Wilbur. Today we analyze one big theme from Charlotte's Web: how powerful a mother's love can be.

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