Reflection: Student Ownership From Reading to Writing: An Introduction to the Rhetorical Analysis Essay - Section 2: Completing Rhetoric Exam


After the 25 minutes was up (all finished), they seemed to want to talk about it, so I took a few minutes to do that.  They were surprised by the specificity, which is good--I took this as an opportunity to stress the importance of close reading and the small things (and why Sin and Syntax was so important to read!).  However, I also gave a little lecture about not worrying so much about the text.  It's September!  The test is in May!  After the joke, I said more seriously that it is just a test, and they'll do fine because they'll be prepared. . . and if they don't do well on it, it isn't the end of the world; they will walk away with a strong set of skills that go way beyond the test.  

I can tell that it will be a a fine balance I have to strike between preparing them for a test they are clearly thinking about already, and nurturing them--down-playing the test and focusing them more on the learning they are doing (the most important part!).

  Chatting About AP Exam
  Student Ownership: Chatting About AP Exam
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From Reading to Writing: An Introduction to the Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Unit 3: Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay
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Objective: SWBAT recognize the writing structure of a rhetorical analysis essay, and how they can establish their own voice while still maintaining an objective point of view through analysis of a model analysis.

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