Reflection: Adjustments to Practice 5th Grade State Report - Section 3: Presentation of State Reports


State Reports were assigned on March 20th, and due April 22nd.  The logic we followed was to give the kids a full month, but have the reports due on a Tuesday, instead of a Monday so they could have that one last school day for questions after the weekend.  Well...when this was decided, we were thinking logically, not "curriculum-ly."  April 22nd is Earth Day.  While it didn't pose too great of a problem for my teammate, I had an Earth Day themed day planned.  Parents bringing in state reports/state reports & projects all over my room/students wanting to present state reports really messed with my plans, and it was my own fault.

These things happen, but my suggestion is to write all the Significant School Days directly into the plan book in the future.  Even if I don't have a future conflict, it's better planning.  

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5th Grade State Report

Unit 7: Reports for Many Genres
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: TSWBAT determine why they'd like to research a certain state...then do so!

Big Idea: Out of fifty states, one becomes the focus...

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