Reflection: Student Ownership 5th Grade State Report - Section 1: Approach to the Report


I was a little worried that my kids would center on the BIG FOUR and we'd have an abundance of Hawaii, New York, California, and Florida.  Not the case!  When given free reign to pick a state I'm happy to say, of these four, the tally is: Hawaii-1, New York-1, California-3, Florida-1.

The unique opportunity of letting the students learn about states they had an interest in before choosing was a wonderful way to make selections.  What I found was they centered their top choices on states where extended family lived and/or states they were born in.  Regardless, educating themselves about their options was interesting, reflective and fun.

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5th Grade State Report

Unit 7: Reports for Many Genres
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: TSWBAT determine why they'd like to research a certain state...then do so!

Big Idea: Out of fifty states, one becomes the focus...

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