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So when I created my groups, I tried to make them homogeneous so I could work with specific students that struggle with theme. Looking back, I should have left my students in their poem groups. When I got the students back to my table, they all had different poems, so I was trying to help "mini-groups" in my teacher station. It actually worked pretty well for my kids, but I felt like a pinball machine. When my first group met with me, I realized what I had done and paired the students within my group with someone who had the same poem. Then students had a buddy to work with and I could make my way from group to group. Next time, I'll keep them in their poem groups though. I think we'll have a much richer discussion. 

  Student Grouping: Whoops
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It's Better to Have Loved Than Lost....

Unit 4: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship- "Love That Dog"
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Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of theme to work independently in poetry workstations.

Big Idea: A walk with Robert Frost, a super cool online poetry game, and some time with yours truly; does reading get any better?

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