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Perimeter is a new word and a new idea for students in my class.  I want them to remember the term and so I provide a hook, a little story that they will remember. I create the story using an IPAD, or a felt board type story. Once students have seen the farmer with the bunny, I can refer back to the story when I present the term perimeter in future lessons. 

The farmer and the bunny are the hook. The fence that the farmer builds around the outside of the field is a reminder of the idea of perimeter being the outside of the field.

Providing a hook is a form of scaffolding. I know that students understand what a fence is, so I scaffold the idea of a fence onto the new term of perimeter. A teacher that can build a connecting hook for students can help students to develop new understandings.

  Providing A Hook
  Real World Applications: Providing A Hook
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Perimeter of my fence

Unit 13: Area, Perimeter and More Measurement
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT discuss the word perimeter and measure several shapes to determine which is the largest

Big Idea: A farmer needs a fence to keep the bunny out of his lettuce patch, but does he understand how to buy the right amount?

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