Reflection: Student Ownership The Victorians Background - Section 3: Independent Reading and Notetaking


Since students must navigate a breadth of informational text for college and career readiness, learning how to read and determine significant details independently remains a vital skill.  While I am not an historian, allowing students to gain historical context for the literature they read by giving them time alone to make sense of the text has been an effective strategy.  The historical context of literature provides understanding of the vein in which authors wrote it.

  Student Ownership: Reflection
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The Victorians Background

Unit 9: The Victorians
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of the significant events in the Victorian Period through independent reading, writing, and collaborative discussion.

Big Idea: "I kind of have a Victorian sensibility - I don't understand stuff until I can classify it and name it." --Fred Tomaselli

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English / Language Arts, British literature, Literature, informational text, Culture for Learning, Victorian Era
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