Reflection: Rigor Character Analysis: Gathering Evidence for the Antigone Fever Chart (2 of 3) - Section 2: Student Work Time--Facilitating the madness and conferring with groups


One of the ways I have really upped the rigor in my room this year is through conferring with students and groups of students.  Of course, conferring allows me to build better relationships and improve the culture of my classroom, but it also has increased the rigor and expectations.  I've always struggled with those handful of students who slip through the crack.  Typically, they are good kids and students, but lazy and unmotivated to really push themselves.  I've found that during a conference, I can ask students to explain their thinking, read their writing, justify their argument and it has improved the rigor.  Throughout a conference, I gather formative data that helps me plan the next lesson and, most importantly, know my expectations for a student.  

  Conferring with groups
  Rigor: Conferring with groups
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Character Analysis: Gathering Evidence for the Antigone Fever Chart (2 of 3)

Unit 7: Literary: Character and Conflict Analysis in Antigone
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of the text by analyzing character quotes, categorizing character traits and supporting their findings with text evidence organized by a line graph. .

Big Idea: When students create visual charts it helps deepen their thinking.

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