Reflection: Student Ownership Talk the Talk of Division: Recognizing "Division" Words in One Step Word Problems - Section 1: Multiply or Divide? Which word is it?


In this warm up, students are taking ownership by reasoning through operation vocabulary words and reasoning skills. I heard them debate. I heard them argue and I didn't let them see the vocabulary list because I wanted them to think about past problems and real life situations where they had heard the words used and then a specific thing dividing up candy, money, or grouping during a school activity. In their dialogue, I heard discussion about real life situations and how math was part of what they were talking about.

I held them accountable for their reasoning as I talked with them about why they were placing the cards in the category they did. This accountability creates a sense of ownership, moreso than if I just handed them the copied guide. These words will continue to hang on a word chart I have and I will spiral this activity around again so that they can add in addition words and subtraction words. I will take down these cards and shuffle them in to make it all more complex and deepen their thinking.

  Collaboration to support vocabulary
  Student Ownership: Collaboration to support vocabulary
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Talk the Talk of Division: Recognizing "Division" Words in One Step Word Problems

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 9 of 21

Objective: SWBAT solve one step word problems by recognizing key words, developing equations with variables and solving.

Big Idea: Students collaborate in teams to decide if vocabulary words would be dividing words or multiplication words. They apply what they learn form the experience to take apart word problems, develop equations with variables and then solve.

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