Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Chill Out! More Practice with Numbers to 100 - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


Larger numbers can be a challenge, especially if you have students who are still struggling a bit with numbers through 20.  I am torn when I have students who, despite intense intervention, have not completely mastered numbers through 20.  Do we stop everything and focus only on 0-20 with these students? I continue to monitor and remediate while exposing them to more advanced concepts? 

Once a special education teacher said to me, If a child is behind, you can't slow down.  You need to continue to work to build the skills, but also expose them to advanced concepts. She always said remediate AND accelerate.  You never know when things will magically click and they will make the jump to more advanced concepts.  You must provide lots of support so they can be successful and not become frustrated. 

I have found what she has said to be true multiple times during my teaching career.  I have had those kids that magically "get it" and the quickly jump to advanced concepts.  They wouldn't have been there if they had not had exposure to these advanced concepts.  For my students who are struggling, I work with them to build the missing skills during differentiated time.  I also have them work with volunteers three times a week and send home skill building activities to be completed at home. 

So, by providing the recording sheet with all the numbers, I enabled my struggling students to experience success, while being exposed to advanced concepts.  They enjoy being a part of the activities that the rest of the class is engaged in.

  Chill Out!-More Practice with Numbers to 100
  Diverse Entry Points: Chill Out!-More Practice with Numbers to 100
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Chill Out! More Practice with Numbers to 100

Unit 6: Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond
Lesson 17 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to place numbers 1-100 on a hundred chart.

Big Idea: Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of larger numbers with this interactive lesson.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, SIOP, ELL, counting
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