Reflection: Intervention and Extension Introduction to Line Plots: A New Way of Looking at Data - Section 2: Differentiated Learning: Creating a Line Plot and Interpretting the Data


As we transition to CCSS, I have realized I need to remember that perhaps certain standards didn't get covered the year before. We are all getting used to this! There is so much that is different and there is a lot of energy I need to spend on creating thoughtful learners now. So, with this lesson, I thought ahead about who I knew would not grasp the crayon lesson and needed a little different approach. I was right! This clip explains it.Catching the gaps

  Intervention and Extension: I called it right! Filling in the gaps.
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Introduction to Line Plots: A New Way of Looking at Data

Unit 3: Graphing and Data
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify benchmark fractions on a line plot and plot data.

Big Idea: Measuring crayons helps students create data to plot on a line plot and help them understand the meaning of benchmark fractions.

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understanding benchmark
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