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Students continued their literature circle discussions today with impressive focus and direction. Today, the majority of the discussion director questions left students ample room for crafting meaning and drawing personal connections, as can be seen in the videos above. 

In the first video, "Addressing Ideas," students show string understanding of the question asked, and take the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. Their discourse shows respect for each others, even as they clarify and justify their own ideas, building off of each other (as per SL.9-10.1d). I was impressed with the respect the showed to each other as they exchanged ideas and built understanding. 

In the second video, "Practicing Communication," two students demonstrate the ability to respectfully disagree on a point, and yet still engage it maturely and listen to each other as they respond to each other's perspective. These two young men have served as a model of respectful discourse in the past, and I'm always impressed with their exchange of ideas. 

There are, however, still students struggling with the concept of a "discussion" versus a recall question, and in these conversations, I have found myself modeling how to ask, "What do you think it means?" rather than the written question, "What is is?" These students will continue to develop their critical thinking skills and draw from their groups as they move on though the literature circle role.

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Literature Circle Discussion Day: A Focus on In-Depth Questioning (Chapters 7-11)

Unit 14: Literacy: "To Kill A Mockingbird" Collaborative Study
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to analyze how themes and other student-identified central ideas in the novel develop over the course of the text, through a small-group literature circle discussion.

Big Idea: Moving forward collaboratively, students reflect on their understanding of the first six chapters of the novel before moving into an investigation of the next five chapters in their literature circle discussions.

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