Reflection: Performance Tasks Sins of the Father: Developing a Claim Using Evidence from Fences - Section 4: Writing + Self Evaluation


C.E.E. Paragraph:

It is wonderful to see the C.E.E. format being utilized appropriately by a student who struggled with the approach initially. I am so pleased to see the progress in terms of the connection between the introduction and the body paragraph though the sample shows our need for literacy training as teachers to meet the needs of our students.

  Performance Tasks: CCSS Focus on Evidence-Based Paragraphs: Way to go C.E.E!
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Sins of the Father: Developing a Claim Using Evidence from Fences

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT write a body paragraph of an argument essay focusing on developing a claims or counterclaim by providing sufficient and relevant evidence.

Big Idea: Can we defend our position by developing our claim using C.E.E.?

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