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Students with special needs can often feel very frustrated within a lesson. They can feel as if they are putting forth a lot of effort and receiving little gain. I mostly see this when students are processing and when they are ready to share relieved. Frustration and even anger can occur if their efforts do not produce a "right" answer. It begins to feel impossible. This is where you put on a superhero cape and swoop in to help. 

When I do this I first compliment the student and give lots of positive praise and reinforcement for their work. It helps calm them down when they see that you notice how hard they are trying and that they are rewarded for it. I then just begin to help and model how to get at the answer. Then I have them try and it might not be successful right away. I will prompt and show the correct way again and then call on them to use this one for the class to hear. They immediately get the reward for the work and acknowledgment from their peers. 

  Students with Disabilities: Helping Out
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All About Adjectives

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 15 of 19

Objective: SWBAT find and write adjectives that are used in our story to discuss how they help the reader understand more.

Big Idea: Adjectives should be a review, but reteaching how they can impact text is critical. Students will use them to write, comprehend, and discuss their importance within the text.

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