Reflection: Essay Writing Analyzing Death as a Theme and Character in Fences, Act 2 Scene 4-5 - Section 5: Homework


Is there going to be a death of the informational/explanatory essay?

I planned an assessment surrounding death as a central idea in Fences, focusing on the physical and figurative examples of death, and we had three lessons that led up to this task.

Since the assessment would be given for homework, I was not worried about the timing of it; however, because of our school's focus on end-of-cycle assessments, I had to concede that I might not be able to complete this assessment at this time and direct my focus to the performance assessment for Fences

So, why can't an assessment given for homework be as critical as an in-class assessment? Presently, I am working on ways to make homework more meaningful because it would be wonderful to see the students complete a full-length explanatory text since we have been working or shorter-length explanatory texts so far. In addition, the topic was one they found interesting.

  Essay Writing: Should a Summative Assessment Be Given for Homework?
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Analyzing Death as a Theme and Character in Fences, Act 2 Scene 4-5

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze Death as a Theme and a Character in Fences by using a Five-Step Process (Statements +Opinions about Death, Evidence of Death in the Characters' Lives, Effect of Death on the Characters, Images of Death, and Symbols of Death)

Big Idea: How does the presence of Death affect the Maxson family? If you ask Troy he would say, "Death ain't nothing!"

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