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My written assignment required students to explain the physical and figurative examples of death in their own words. This brief statement is somewhat vague. Therefore, I can see how my students had differing components in their responses.

Student#1 explained the meaning of the terms and gave an example that alluded to the text, but never mentioned the text.

Student#2 gave examples from the text, but never classified them using the labels (physical and figurative death)

Student#3 gave examples from the text and implicitly referred to the definitions of physical and figurative death in the explanation.

Student#4 gave examples from the text and identified them as either physical of figurative forms of death.

In revising this assignment, I need to consider what I want to reinforce from today's lesson. I want to reinforce the definitions of the forms of death as well as to ensure my students can identify examples of each form of death in their lives as well as the text.

So, a Revised Homework Assignment for this lesson would look like this:

Revised Homework

Today, we defined physical and figurative forms of death. When we looked at figurative forms of death, we considered the emotional and spiritual forms of death. Then, we wrote examples of physical and figurative death on our handout as we read the play, Fences.

Write three paragraphs for homework. Use the format below to complete each paragraph

1. Paragraph #1: Write definitions for physical death and figurative death in your own words

2. Paragraph #2: Choose one real-life example of physical death and one example of figurative death from your life or someone's else life. Explain each example.

3. Paragraph #3: Choose one example of physical death and one example of figurative death from Fences and explain each example.

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Analyzing the Role of Death in Fences Act 2, Scene 2-3

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze how the character Death influences Troy by completing a close reading to identify figurative elements (personification and symbolism).

Big Idea: How does death affect Troy both figuratively and physically?

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