Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Who needs a Shave? - Line Plots - Section 3: Concept Development


You can see in my reflection video that this is a great lesson to help build coherence between fractions, decimals, and measurement.  Students are able to make sense of the information gathered once it is on the line plot and are able to see the importance of a line plot as mathematical tool.  In the past, I often have fourth grade students who do not understand the importance of graphs as tools.  They like graphs. They often think of graphing as fun, and sometimes "easy," however they fail to recognize the importance of why mathematicians would create graphs.  This mustache activity and asking students the question about the six longest mustaches is an excellent way for students to begin to wrestle with the idea that graphs have a purpose - To show a visual picture of the data in order to quickly come to a conclusion. 


  Owning information
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Owning information
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Who needs a Shave? - Line Plots

Unit 10: Measurment
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT create line plots and display a data set of measurements in fractions of a unit.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students create line plots through a direct instruction approach and then answer questions using these line plots.

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Math, line plot, metric system, Measurement, Graphing, centimeters, millimeters
  55 minutes
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