Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge The Hello, Goodbye Window - Section 1: Wam Up


I believe that many strategies added to the success of my lesson today.  I believe the one strategy that made the most impact was the CCSS of engaging my students in the warm up discussion  By talking about their experiences, I was able to lay the foundation for my lesson.  They may not have had experiences with a window, but they understand the feelings the little girl had about her Grandparents.  They have also had some experiences with a window.  I think the book made sense to them and was easy and fun for them to relate to, thus making the writing important.  I love it when connections are made and they are all proud of their work. 

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: I know this
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The Hello, Goodbye Window

Unit 5: More writing
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT engage in class discussion by asking and answering questions then writing about the story events.

Big Idea: We will read the story and discuss the details. Then we will write about the story events.

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