Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Writing an Artist's Statement: Informative Writing - Section 1: What is an artist's statement?


Motivation and Choice. I would never have predicted this, but several of my students asked me if they could do their artist's statements about the same painting that they did their narratives.  I think that this is really interesting, and I was inclined at first to say no because I want them to broaden their horizons.  That said, I ended up letting them make this choice because I figured that writing about the same art work from two different genre vantage points would create a greater sense of mastery of the painting.  I might even make this a part  of the assignment in the future!  A sort of multi-genre approach to a piece of art.   In any case, it's great to learn alongside of the students and to give them some sense, at least at this point in the year, that they have a voice in the direction of the class.

  Omigosh--a surprise!!!
  Intrinsic Motivation: Omigosh--a surprise!!!
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Writing an Artist's Statement: Informative Writing

Unit 10: Writing about Art: Exploring Image and Linguistic Connections
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Objective: SWBAT write informative prose, an artist's statement by synthesizing and explaining sources about an artist and his/her work.

Big Idea: When we take the time to learn about an artist and present him or her in writing, we can better appreciate his or her world.

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