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This type of activity really allows all children to participate and feel successful.  Even when children struggle with acquiring the word study skills  needed for reading they can still be an important member of a group. I try to emphasize that we help each other in my class.  I do not want the children to do each other's work, but they can give clues to one another.  If a student gets stuck on a word, his classmates may make the beginning sound for him or show him the movement associated with a particular letter.  For children that are exceeding the expectations for the grade level, we can add challenging words to the board for them to find.

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Whacky Wednesday

Unit 6: Word Work Use with Dr. Seuss
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT to sort words by initial sounds. Student Objective: With a flyswatter, I can whack all the words that begin with W.

Big Idea: With a twist, students can identify the words that begin with the initial sound w, by whacking them with a flyswatter.

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