Reflection: Sorting Out All This Information Day 1 - Section 3: Partner Work


The big issue here was that there was so much information to go through. So, I created a second lesson on locating important information. It is called Sorting Out All This Information Day 2. We needed more time for me to walk around and help them decide what to put a note beside. so, I found myself asking my class one big question: Do you think it is something important, and you want to inform your reader about that detail?

The Basic Student Work shows a group that was stuck. They had only one sticky note, and could not decide what else they should put a note beside. This seemed to be a consistent problem.

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Sorting Out All This Information Day 1

Unit 11: Writing Based On Research
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT select important information in provided research.

Big Idea: Get excited with students as they decide what is important in informational text. The text provided is specific for their interest. It's getting fun now!

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what details are important
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